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Martin M2GO Lighting Controller

What Is A Lighting Console?

Are you planning an event and you see a lighting console on your quote and you’re trying to figure out if it’s necessary?Maybe you’re a lighting tech or musician trying to figure out where to get started with lighting for your band, theatre, or house of worship! A lighting console is the piece of equipment […]


How To Program DMX Lighting

If you’re new to event lighting, it can overwhelming to try and learn all of the technologies involved in controlling your lights and making your event look how you want it to look. We put this video and blog post together to try and provide helpful information for those who rent from us and are […]

Wireless Lighting Rental

Kettner Creative Expands Lighting Inventory With Wireless Lighting

Kettner Creative has purchased a large quantity of Freedom Par Quad 4 fixtures which are perfect for events with unique lighting requirements or events with limited setup time. May 17, 2017, VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Kettner Creative Inc. is happy to announce a new rental lineup of Chauvet Freedom Par Quad 4 wireless lighting fixtures which can provide quality […]

Intelligent Lighting Vancouver

What is Intelligent Lighting?  

It’s a key component of any concert or club experience today. The elaborate light show that uses moving lights and rapidly changing colours to create a memorable and sometimes mind-blowing effect for the audience. It’s almost impossible to imagine a high quality show or concert that doesn’t use this technically dazzling lighting effect. This effect […]

R2 Spot

Kettner Creative Expands Lighting Inventory with Rogue R2 Lighting Fixtures

Kettner Creative has purchased Rogue R2 Spot and Wash Lighting Fixtures to help Vancouver-based events deliver brighter, more visually stunning lighting effects. May 16, 2016, VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Kettner Creative Inc. is happy to announce a new rental lineup of Chauvet Rogue R2 automated lights to provide the best quality lighting effects to events across Vancouver and the […]

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