We put this page together to properly disclose how we deal with sponsored content, affiliates, and content creation in general.

For Non-Sponsored Videos

  • We use affiliate links on a regular basis. We may earn a referral fee for sales from an affiliate link.

For Sponsored Videos

  • We will disclose the partnership on sponsored videos
  • We only work with companies that are well known in the industry and have a good reputation. If we don’t know who you are, we won’t work with you.
  • We only work with companies that have reputable distribution networks in North America.
  • We decide what topics to cover in each video based on what we’re excited about and what is important with our experience in the industry. We may not cover all of the details you want to include, based on what we think is relevant to the audience. We would love to hear what you’re excited about, but ultimately we decide what makes it to the final cut.
  • We do our best to remain objective.
  • Our content can be shared on any web property of a supplier, sponsor, or affiliate as long as they link to the original content (i.e., embed our YouTube video, don’t reupload it).
  • We do not submit previews of videos to any supplier, sponsor, or affiliate.
  • We reserve creative control and final cut
  • We reserve the right to show ads on sponsored videos
  • We reserve the right to use affiliate links.
  • We don’t provide any performance guarantee. Your video may receive zero views.
  • We don’t have any control over platform policies. If the social network or host pulls the video for any reason, we have no control over this. It’s in our best interest to resolve the issue and get the video back online, but we cannot protect any sponsored videos from rules that may change in the future.


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