Ethics & Disclosure

We put this page together to disclose how we deal with sponsored content, affiliates, and content creation in general.

First and foremost, we create content to show products that we love. We’re A/V geeks and we love tinkering with microphones, lighting, camera equipment, and other home studio gear.

We’ve only ever produced (2) sponsored videos in our history and we have no plans to produce more sponsored content in the future.

As a general rule, we only discuss products that we like and recommend. Occasionally, we will create videos to show popular products that we don’t recommend with an explanation as to why (Seriously, why is the Blue Compass so popular?).

We remain open for manufacturers to “pitch us” on equipment and to educate us as to why they think their products will help people in their home studio. It is important for us to remain open to new products and solutions for our audience.

We accept equipment from qualified manufacturers/distributors on the basis that it goes into a black hole and we have full control of the content that we create for the products (if we create content at all).

You Should Know

  • We use affiliate links on a regular basis. We may earn a referral fee for sales from an affiliate link. This includes Amazon, BH Photo, Sweetwater, Best Buy, Guitar Center, and others.
  • We sell advertising on a regular basis.
  • We only feature products that are well known in the industry and have a good reputation.
  • We only feature products that have reputable distribution networks in North America.
  • We decide what topics to cover in each video based on what we’re excited about and what is important with our experience in the industry.
  • We do our best to remain objective.
  • We do not submit previews of videos to any supplier or affiliate.
  • We reserve creative control and final cut
  • We don’t have any control over platform policies. If a social network or host pulls our content for any reason, we have no control over this.