Astera AX1 PixelTube

The Astera AX1 is a highly versatile LED RGBW light tube with 16 animated LED pixel sections and various mounting options. This wireless, waterproof fixture can withstand rain while the internal battery can power it for up to 20 hours.

You can control the AX1 PixelTube with an IR remote, via your phone paired to an AX7 transmitter, or with wireless DMX, making it easy to integrate with a variety of setups.

The AX1 PixelTube operates with other wireless lights in the Astera family, including the AX3 and AX5, giving you the freedom to be highly creative with your event’s lighting design.

Type LED Light Tube
Connectivity Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, IR, Wireless DMX
Sound Active Yes
LED 16 x RGB
Waterproof IP65 (Can be in the rain, but cannot be submerged)
Beam Angle 180°
Power Consumption 28 W
Power Supply Integrated Battery (20 hrs runtime)
Weight 2.2 lb / 1.00 kg