Let’s take a look at the Chauvet Professional Maverick MK2 moving spot. We’ll break down some of its key features and give you an overview of its capabilities.

Quick Answer: The Chauvet Professional Maverick MK2 moving spot is a 440 W LED fixture that packs a punch for its size in terms of both brightness and dynamic effects. 

Maverick MK2 Spot Light Source

The Maverick MK2 moving spot has a 440 W (CW) LED light source that can be zoomed between 13° and 37°. Zoomed all the way into 13°, the light produces 18,079 LUX at 5m. That is super bright for a fixture the size of the Maverick MK2.

Maverick MK2 Spot Dynamic Effects

The Maverick has a pan range of 540° and a tilt range of 270°. The light source can go through CMY+CTO color mixing to dial in almost any custom color that you can imagine.

It also has CTO flags to create a warm white or something more suitable for a theatre situation. A 7 + white color wheel allows you to create split colors and popular continuous scroll color wheel effects.

There are two 6 + open gobo wheels. Each can be rotated, indexed, set to a continuous speed, and pulled out and replaced. A 3 facet, variable speed, rotating prism can be put in front of the gobos for further variation.

Maverick MK2 Spot Power, Inputs & Outputs

The Maverick MK2 spot draws 740 W, meaning you could only daisy chain two of them on a 15 A circuit if the fixture had a TRUE1 output.

  • DMX 3 & 5 pin in and out
  • Wireless W-DMX receiver
  • Ethernet in and out (sACN or Art-Net)
  • PowerCON TRUE1 (Input only)

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