Let’s take a look at the Chauvet Professional Maverick MK2 moving light. We’ll give you an overview of some of its key features and explain its capabilities.

Quick Answer: The Chauvet Professional Maverick MK2 moving wash light is perfect for theatre and touring applications that require a high degree of creativity. 

Maverick MK2 Wash Light Source

The front of the Maverick MK2 wash is home to 12 x 40 W RGBW LEDs that you can animate individually. The MK2 wash has a zoom angle of between 7.9° and 55.1°. Zoomed all the way to 7.9° and set to full brightness, the MK2 wash produces 19,972 LUX at 5m. That’s insanely bright for a fixture of this size.

Maverick MK2 Wash Power, Inputs & Outputs

The Maverick MK2 wash requires 503 W per fixture, allowing you to daisy chain up to 3 of them together on a single 15 A circuit.

  • DMX 3 & 5 pin in and out
  • Wireless W-DMX receiver
  • Ethernet in and out (sACN, Art-Net, etc.)
  • PowerCON TRUE1 in and out

Maverick MK2 Wash Interface

You’ll find the nice big buttons that are common with all Chauvet Maverick fixtures on the front of the unit. The display is a touch screen, so you can quickly set the DMX address and access other options intuitively.

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