Let’s take a look at the Chauvet Professional Maverick Storm 1 Wash moving light. We’ll go over some of its key features and specifications and give you a general overview of this fixture.

Quick Answer: The Chauvet Maverick Storm 1 Wash is a 19 RGBW LED, IP65 rated, moving light with an output of over 6000 lumens. Designed for audience and aerial washing, the water-resistant Storm 1 is an excellent fixture for outdoor and indoor events alike.

Maverick Storm 1 Wash Waterproofing

The Maverick Storm 1 Wash is a completely waterproof outdoor light fixture. It’s built to handle the worst that outdoor festivals and productions can throw at it. No, you can’t use it underwater, but its IP65 rating means it’s certified to withstand low-pressure water jets and spray.

Maverick Storm 1 Wash Light Source Optics

You’ll find 19 x 20 W RGBW LEDs on the front of the Maverick Storm 1. They can be animated in any way you can imagine; your creativity and programming ability are the only limiting factors.

Maverick Storm 1 Wash Connectivity & Power

  • DMX 5 pin in and out
    No 3 pin DMX
  • Wireless W-DMX receiver
  • Network in and out
  • PowerCON True1 in and out
    The Storm 1 uses 477 W, meaning you can power 3 of these fixtures on a single 15 A circuit.

Maverick Storm 1 Wash Dynamic Effects

  • 11°-42° Zoom range
    Zoomed in to 11°, the Storm 1 can output 11,032 LUX at 5 m.
  • Pan & tilt
    540° pan / 270° tilt.
  • Electronic zoom, shutter, and strobe

Maverick Storm 1 Wash | Review & Demo Topics

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  • 0:20 Overview & Water Splash
  • 0:38 Light Source Optics
  • 0:55 Connectivity
  • 1:18 Dynamic Effects
  • 1:45 Power Requirements
  • 1:50 Final Thoughts
  • 2:10 Product Demo