With the release of the GoXLR mini, many people wonder “Is it still worth it to buy the GoXLR or should you buy the new GoXLR mini?”. Let’s look at the differences between the GoXLR and the GoXLR mini so you can decide which GoXLR mixer will work best for you.

Quick Answer: We believe the GoXLR Mini offers the best value and has all of the features that 80% of live streamers need.

GoXLR & GoXLR Mini side by side.


Since the price changes so quickly, we’ve linked the current up-to-date price of both products below so you can compare their real-world price at a variety of online retailers

XLR Input

GoXLR vs GoXLR Mini XLR Input

The XLR Input on the GoXLR and GoXLR mini is identical. Both devices have high quality Midas XLR preamps with a whopping 72dB of gain.

Both devices can supply +48v of phantom power for condenser microphones.

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Other Inputs/Outputs

All other inputs and outputs are identical on both devices. The only difference is that the headset mic and headphone jack on the GoXLR mini is located at the front of the device which is a much better location.

Audio Processing

The XLR Microphone processing on both devices is similar but not exactly the same.

  • Noise Gate – Identical
  • Equalization – The GoXLR has a 10-band EQ and the GoXLR Mini has a 6-band EQ
  • Compressor – Identical
  • DeEsser – The GoXLR has a DeEsser and the Mini does not.

GoXLR Processing Interface

GoXLR Mini Processing Interface


In terms of software, the four faders on the two devices is identical. On both devices you can rearrange, reassign, soft patch, and customize the functionality of the four faders on the top of each device.

There are two big differences in how the faders work.

The GoXLR has motorized faders which allow the control surface to animate depending on the page/scene/group that you are working with.

The GoXLR also has an LED scribble strip which allows you to label each channel with it’s name. You can save this with your profile and the channel name will always accurately reflect the purpose of the fader.

Sample Pad & Voice Effects

GoXLR & GoXLR Mini side by side.

The most obvious difference between both devices is that the GoXLR has a sample pad and voice effects engine while the GoXLR mini does not.

Although these features are fun, I don’t think they are worth the extra money compared to how much value it would give to most online streamers.

GoXLR vs GoXLR Mini Specs

PowerExternal 12v SupplyPowered Over USB
CompatabilityPC OnlyPC Onlty
Power SwitchNo (Optional Addon)No
XLR InputYesYes
XLR Gain72 dB72 dB
Phantom Power+48v+48v
Line InputYesYes
Line OutputYesYes
Headset InYes – RearYes – Front
HeadphonesYes – RearYes – Front
Motorized FadersYesNo
LED Scribble StripYesNo
Channel Mute ButtonsYesYes
Main Mute/Cough ButtonYesYes
Swear ButtonYesYes
Sampler4 pads w/ 3 layersNo
Voice FX6 presets
Noise GateYesYes
EQ10 BandBand

GoXLR vs GoXLR Mini Pricing

GoXLR vs GoXLR Mini Topics

  • 0:00​ – Introduction
  • 0:35​ – Price
  • 0:58​ – Compatibility, Power, Connectivity
  • 2:27​ – XLR Input, Preamp, Gain
  • 3:05​ – Phantom Power
  • 3:22​ – Line In, Line Out
  • 3:43​ – Headset (3.5mm), Headphones
  • 4:01​ – Optical Input
  • 4:14​ – Faders
  • 4:40​ – Channel Mute Buttons
  • 4:45​ – LED Scribble Strip
  • 5:29​ – Mute & Censor Buttons
  • 5:46​ – Sample Pad & Effects
  • 6:36​ – Microphone Processing
  • 6:47​ – Noise Gate
  • 7:00​ – EQ
  • 7:38​ – Compressor
  • 7:51​ – DeEsser
  • 8:31​ – FAQ
  • 8:41​ – Shure SM7B
  • 9:11​ – Blue Yeti
  • 10:13​ – Recommendation & Summary
  • 12:30​ – Final Thoughts

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