Unsure how many speakers you need for your next corporate event? In this article, we’ll give you a general guideline to help you decide how many speakers you need for even audio coverage at your event.

Quick Answer: As a general rule of thumb, you will need a speaker for every 100 people at the event. We recommend having at least 2 speakers for events with less than 200 guests. Add another pair for events bigger than this with up to 400 people.

Corporate vs. Music Events

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Before we jump into our recommendations, we want to explain how the audio needs of a corporate event are different from a music event. The size and position of the crowd is different, the venue type has an impact, and corporate events don’t often need monitors or subwoofers.

In this article, we’re talking purely about corporate talking head events and meetings.

How Many Speakers Do We Recommend For A Corporate Event?

Generally speaking, we recommend 1 speaker for every 100 people, but never less than 2 speakers. So any event with up to 200 guests should have 2 speakers.

Once the audience size reaches a little over 200, we recommend jumping to 4 speakers. This would be suitable for anywhere up to 400 people.

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Increase In Pairs

We always recommend increasing speakers in pairs as this is the easiest way to ensure even audio coverage throughout the room.

That makes sense for a conventionally shaped room. However, if you have an L-shaped room or a horseshoe layout, then you’ll need to analyze your needs more closely.

Sound System Mixer Location

Speakers Per Guest Count

  • Less than 200
    2 Speakers
  • 200 – 400
    4 Speakers
  • 400 – 600
    6 Speakers

This rule breaks down and becomes less relevant for larger audience sizes as more variables come into play. An audience of around 1,000 will require additional technologies like line arrays to provide full and even audio coverage.

Recommended Corporate Event Speaker Pricing & Specs

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