This guide will show you how to get more volume out of your DJ controller using the same speakers that you’re already using. This is useful if you’re using RCA outputs from your DJ controller and notice that your speakers are peaking/clipping when you turn them up.

Typical DJ Workflow

Before we get to the solution, we first need to discuss the problem. 

Typically, a DJ will set up, and soundcheck before guests arrive. During this process, they will find the loudest part of the loudest song they play and set their main output so it peaks around +4db, which is as loud as it will go without clipping or distorting. 

But, as we all know… During the final push of the event, the DJ will always want more volume, even if it means clipping and distorting.

Let’s see if we can find a way to get more volume out of the same speakers without clipping or distorting. 

XLR Outputs

DJ Controller Outputs

XLR outputs on a DJ controller have an output level of +4dB (sometimes 0dB). This means that if your output level is set at 0dB on your DJ controller, your DJ controller will send +4dB to your powered speakers.

This is good, and you can’t do much to improve the situation if you’re already using XLR outputs, aside from adding more speakers to your setup.  

RCA Outputs

What happens if you only have RCA outputs? RCA outputs are ~14dB quieter than XLR outputs. This means that if you set your output on your DJ controller to 0dB, the output only sends -10dB!

This is a MASSIVE reduction of sound from the same speakers. We need to find a way to reclaim this 10dB without clipping or distorting. 

Audio Mixer With DJ Controller

If you add a small audio mixer to your setup, you can reclaim that 10dB and get more output from the same speakers.

Connect your DJ controller to an audio mixer (using the line level inputs), then boost the level, and you can get an extra 10dB on the dance floor with the same speakers!

We highly recommend the Mackie ProFX6v3 audio mixer. It is the perfect size and has the perfect amount of features for most DJs. It has two xlr mic inputs, two line level inputs, 24 fx, and XLR outputs.

Mackie ProFX6v3:

Get More Volume From DJ Controller FAQ

How can I make my DJ speakers louder?

You can maximize the volume from your DJ speakers by connecting your DJ controller to an external audio mixer before connecting to your speakers. This will give you an extra ~10dB without clipping, peaking, or distorting!

What does gain do on a DJ controller?

Gain controls the volume of your DJ controller. If you want more output, you can increase the gain. If you increase the gain too much, you will notice that you get hiss, peaking, or distortion.

How can I add more volume to my speakers?

Using an external audio mixer, you can add more volume to your speakers. This will allow you to properly set all your levels to maximize the level sent to your speakers so you can get the most volume.

Do you need an amplifier with a DJ controller?

You will need an amplifier for your DJ controller if you want to be heard. That being said, most modern speakers have a built-in power amplifier, known as powered speakers or active speakers. We recommend 12-15″ powered speakers from JBL, QSC, or Yamaha.

Get More Volume From DJ Controller Pricing

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  • 1:32 – XLR Outputs
  • 2:02 – RCA Outputs
  • 2:55 – Audio Mixer With DJ Controller
  • 4:02 – Final Thoughts