Today, we’re going to dive into a super cool fact about microphones that you might not know: you can mount them upside down or right side up, and they work just fine either way!

Upside Down Microphone?

So, you’ve probably seen singers and podcasters with microphones in all sorts of positions. Some are hanging from above, and others are standing upright on a desk. Guess what? There’s no wrong way to set them up!

Why Mount a Microphone Upside Down?

  1. Space-Saving Magic: Sometimes, there’s just not enough room to have a microphone stand on a table, especially if you’ve got your computer, notes, or a keyboard there. Hanging a microphone from above frees up space!
  2. Less Bump, More Quality: When a microphone is upside down, it’s less likely to pick up unwanted noise, like your hands hitting the table or your papers rustling.
  3. Easy Access: It can be easier to adjust the settings on some microphones when they’re hanging above you.

And Right Side Up?

Mounting a microphone right side up is the classic way to go. It’s straightforward, and all you need is a stand to hold your microphone. This setup is perfect for:

  1. Interviews and Podcasts: When you’re sitting down and chatting, having the microphone upright on the table feels natural and comfortable.
  2. Musical Performances: Singers often prefer this setup, especially when they’re moving around on stage.

Does It Affect the Sound?

The position of the microphone doesn’t change the sound quality. Whether it’s upside down or right side up, what matters most is how close you are to the mic and how well your room is set up for sound.

Things to Remember

  • Be Careful: When mounting a microphone, especially upside down, make sure it’s secured tightly. We don’t want it to fall and get damaged!
  • Experiment: Try different positions to see what works best for your space and your style.

The One Exception

Some people think it matters for ribbon microphones. They believe that by hanging ribbon microphones upside down, they can keep the heat away from the delicate capsule of the microphone.

This can potentially prolong the lifespan of the microphone and prevent any damage that excessive heat may cause.

However, it’s worth noting that this preference may vary from person to person, and ultimately, it’s important to find the setup that works best for you and your specific microphone.


Whether you hang your microphone upside down or right side up – it’s all about what works best for you. So, go ahead and experiment with your microphone setup.