This article is all about how to choose the right speaker for your event. We’ll take a look at the Yamaha DXR8, DXR12, DSR112, and DSR115, explaining the benefits of each speaker and when to consider them for your event.

Quick Answer: The Yamaha DXR12 is our recommendation for most events. The smaller DXR8 is an option where space is limited, while the DSR speakers are best for bands and DJs requiring durability and high-quality sound. 

Yamaha DXR12

For 99% of events, we recommend the Yamaha DXR12. It’s a full range, 2-way, 1100 W speaker that is more than you’ll ever need at an event.

We recommend 1 speaker for every 100 people at an event. However, a minimum of 2 speakers are required to ensure even sound throughout the room. So if you’re hosting an event with 300 guests, you should consider introducing a 3rd speaker to your setup.

Yamaha DXR8

The DXR8 is very similar to the DXR12. It has the same 1100 W amp but a wider coverage angle. The only time we would recommend it over its bigger brother is when you have space limitations.

These speakers are best suited to a trade show booth where they need to be hidden out of the way. They are also useful for overflow rooms or allowing vendors to stay in touch with what is going on in the main room.

Yamaha DSR112

If your event is primarily focused on a band or other live music, we recommend moving up to the DSR series of speakers. The DXR speakers have a plastic body, while the DSR series are more durable with a LineX coated wood construction.

The DSR112 sounds about 15% louder than the DXR12, despite both being 12” speakers. We feel it sounds better, with a flatter EQ pattern and a more focused sound.

The DSR112 is better suited to smaller events, such as an indie band playing in a shop for a marketing event. For anything larger, we like to call on its bigger brother.

Yamaha DSR115

If you need speakers for a DJ playing EDM or speakers with a full presence, we recommend the 15” DSR115.

For an outdoor audience of up to 500 people, our ideal setup would be 2 x DSR115 and 2 x 18” subs on each side of the stage.

DXR vs DSR Speaker Inputs Compared

Input TypeDXR SpeakersDSR Speakers
Mic & Line LevelYesYes

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