This article will teach you how to connect a Direct Box (DI Box) directly to a powered speaker without using an audio mixer. 

Quick Answer: Connect your unbalanced audio cable (RCA or ¼”) to your DI Box. Connect your DI Box to a powered speaker using an XLR cable. Make sure that your powered speaker is set to “mic level” on the input for best results. 

Why Use A DI Box?

Radial ProD2 Stereo DI Box

A DI Box (Direct Box) is the best tool for converting unbalanced and balanced audio signals.

Without a DI box, you should avoid unbalanced audio cables longer than 10-15ft (3-5m). Once the signal is balanced, you can safely run your cable up to 1000’ (300m). 

How To Connect DI Box To Speaker

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How To Connect DI Box To Speaker

  1. Connect Unbalanced Audio Cable To DI Box

    RCA, 1/4″ TS, etc.

  2. Connect DI Box To Powered Speaker

    Using XLR Cable

  3. Turn On Speaker

  4. Change Input on Speaker To Be “Mic Level”

    From Line-Level”

  5. Adjust Volume as Necessary

Line Level vs Mic Level

Mic Level vs Line Level

Once you’ve connected your DI box to your powered speaker, ensure that the input is set to “Mic Level” since the DI box will send a microphone-level signal to your powered speaker. 

Connect DI Box To Speaker Equipment & Pricing

Additional Equipment Used In Tutorial

Connect DI Box To Speaker Topics

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:23 – Price & Specs
  • 0:37 – Why Use A DI Box
  • 1:27 – How A DI Box Works
  • 2:20 – Radial DI Boxes
  • 2:50 – How To Connect DI Box To Speaker
  • 3:45 – Line Level vs Mic Level
  • 4:42 – Final Thoughts