We often rent out projectors and screens to clients and events who don’t have any experience setting them up. To help everyone with their projector screen setup, we put this article and video together as a beginner’s guide to setting up our tripod projection screen.

How To Setup A Tripod Screen

Time needed: 1 minute

Follow these steps to setup your tripod projector screen

  1. Hold the screen in an upright position with the legs toward the ground

  2. Extend the bar on the back of the screen to allow the screen to unfold

  3. Use your foot to release the latch & feet of the the tripod base

  4. Pull the screen handle up vertically and hook the screen handle to the top hook

  5. Extend the upright bar to desired height

  6. Velcro skirt onto the screen (optional)

Tripod Projector Screen Pricing

  • 6ft Wide Tripod Projector Screen: https://currentprice.io/6ft_screen
  • 8ft Wide Tripod Projector Screen: https://currentprice.io/8ft_screen

Tripod Projector Screen Topics

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:26 Unlock the tooth
  • 0:52 Unlock the feet
  • 1:20 Pull put the screen
  • 1:25 Set the height
  • 1:39 Setting the bottom height
  • 2:10 Skirting
  • 2:49 Tearing down the screen
  • 4:39 Final thoughts

Table of Contents