In this two-minute tutorial we show you two different ways to fix a projected image that is backwards for any brand of projector. The reason that your projected image is backwards is because it was previously used for rear projection.

In this video, we show you two different ways to make the image display correctly on your projector.

Method 1 – Change Projector Location

Time needed: 2 minutes

Fix Projector Location

  1. Open The Menu Of Your Projector

  2. Look for the word “rear”

  3. Change it to “front”

    It might also be called “normal”

Method 2 – Factory Reset Your Projector

  1. Open the menu of the projector
  2. At the bottom you should see “reset”
  3. Select “factory reset”
  4. The projector will restart and all settings will be back to normal.

How To Fix Backwards Projector Chapters

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:25 – Option 1: Change Location To Front
  • 1:05 – Option 2: Factory Reset
  • 1:58 – Final Thoughts

Table of Contents