In this video we show you exactly how to connect your iPhone to your projector and several troubleshooting tips to make sure that everything works for you!

This is useful for showing a presentation, watching YouTube, Netflix, or other streaming service on a large projector screen.

How To Connect iPhone to Projector

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to connect iPhone to projector

  1. Place your projector on the table where you want it.

    Typically at the front of the room, perpendicular to the projector screen. 

  2. Place your iPhone on the same table (as close as possible)

    The further away you are, the longer HDMI cable you will need. 

  3. Plug in the power cable and turn the projector on.

    The projector will typically take 2-3 minutes to turn on and be ready for input. 

  4. Make sure your iPhone is fully charged and turn it on. 

    Always restart your iPhone before attempting to connect it to a projector. 

  5. Plug the HDMI cable into the iPhone

    You will need a Lightning to HDMI Adapter:
    We only recommend using the official Apple adapter
    HDMI Cable:

  6. The projector should automatically connect. 

    You many need to double check the input source selection on your projector if you have multiple inputs. 

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:27 – Required Equipment
  • 0:40 – Lightning to HDMI Adapter
  • 1:37 – How To Connect iPhone to Projector
  • 3:42 – YouTube
  • 4:03 – Keynote
  • 4:55 – Powerpoint
  • 5:18 – Audio From iPhone To Projector
  • 5:58 – Final Thoughts

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