In this article, we’ll explain how to hang a projector from truss using a universal projector mounting kit, 1.5″ pipe, and a half-cheeseborough clamp to threaded pipe adapter.

Quick Answer: Attach the universal mount to your projector, connect the 1.5″ threaded pipe, attach the pipe to clamp adapter, and thread a safety cable through the setup. Finally, attach the clamp to the truss and connect the safety cable.

Safety Disclaimer

This article and the accompanying video are not intended to replace a formal rigging course and certification. Reading this article does not qualify you to hang a projector from truss at an event.

Equipment Required To Hang A Projector From Truss

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How To Hang A Projector From Truss

Time needed: 5 minutes

  1. Attach Universal Projector Mount To Projector

    Ensure the projector is designed to be hung and that the mount is rated for the weight and size of the projector. We recommend allowing a 2-3 x safety margin for weight ratings.

  2. Screw the 1.5″ threaded pipe into the projector mount

    Use a pipe length that fits your needs; typically, you want to position the projector as close to the truss as you can.

  3. Screw the half-cheeseborough clamp to 1.5″ pipe adapter to the other end of the 1.5″ threaded pipe.

    Get the connections as tight as possible. Then, tighten the set screw with the clamp positioned in the required orientation.

  4. Connect a safety cable to the projector.

    If the projector doesn’t have a place to hook a safety cable, this indicates it’s not designed to be hung. Threading the cable through the pipe is the safest option as this secures everything.

  5. Attach Half-Clamp To Truss

    Clamp the half clamp over the truss and tighten the wingnut.

  6. Connect the safety cable to the truss.

    Wrap the loose end of the cable around the truss and clip it to itself.

Hanging your projector from truss means the projector (and its image) will be upside down. Check out the linked article for our guide on how to fix upside-down projection on any projector.

Pricing For Equipment To Hang Projectors From Truss

How To Hang A Projector Chapters

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:23 – Disclaimer
  • 0:59 – Required Equipment
  • 1:19 – Attaching The Projector Mount
  • 3:48 – Threaded 1.5″ Pipe
  • 4:08 – Half Clamp to Threaded Pipe
  • 4:59 – Safety Cable
  • 5:39 – Hanging The Projector From Truss
  • 6:35 – Final Thoughts

Disclaimer: Watching this video and reading this article does not qualify you to hang a projector safely. Most jurisdictions require you to be formally trained and certified in order to rig equipment.