In this video, we introduce you to the Astera AX3 Lightdrop and show you all of the available mounting options, controlling options, and settings available to you.

Quick Answer: The Astera AX3 Lightdrop is a small, compact, and portable light that is great for highlighting little sports around the room. We don’t recommend it as the main LED fixture as it doesn’t have much brightness. 

Battery Life & Water Rating

Astera AX3 Lightdrop

The Astera AX3 Lightdrop has a battery life of 20 hours, and it’s waterproof. You can take it in the rain, but it cannot be submerged in water. 

Beam Angle

The light has a pretty narrow beam angle of 13°, so it works well for lighting pin spot flowers or ice sculptures, etc.


If you want to use the Astera AX3 Lightdrop as an uplight, you can use diffusers that come with the light. The diffuser with two holes takes it from 13° to 30° while the one with three holes takes it from 13° to 120°. 

To use the diffuser, you just clip it in the slots on the front and turn it to lock it in. 

Colors and Effects

There are ten different colors; cold white, pink, magenta, blue, red, orange, yellow, green, and cyan. 

In terms of effects, you can choose from six different effects, namely rainbow chase, pastel, garden, disco, fire, and ice. 

You have access to more advanced effects if you use the mobile app with a the AX7 Transmitter.

How To Mount/Hang The Astera AX3 Lightdrop

Below are the three ways to rig the light

  • Use the Floor Stand

There is a floor stand with a base at the bottom of the light. So you can use it to give the light a proper stand so that it doesn’t fall over when you put it on the ground/table. You can then use it as an uplight and angle it however you want. 

  • Use eye bolts

You can screw in eye-bolts on the back and suspend the light from the ceiling. This is a great option when you’re trying to hit centerpieces, etc.

  • Use a super clamp

To use a super clamp, you first need to screw in a bolt at the back of the light. Then you insert the bolt in the super clamp and tighten it. You can clamp anything up to 2 ¼ inches wide. 

Using the Remote

On the Astera AX3 Lightdrop, the IR receiver is on the face of the fixture, so you point the remote at it. The remote also lets you change the colors and effects as well as the brightness. 

Using the AX7 Transmitter

If you want to turn down the brightness to extend the battery life, it’s better to use the AX7 transmitter. The transmitter pairs to any mobile device, such as a phone (both iPhone and Android), tablet, etc., and you can get feedback on the app. 

To pair the Astera AX3 Lightdrop with the app, you have to hold the power button for 3 seconds, which puts the light into blue mode. You can then connect the app to it. 

Battery Life

If you’re not using the app, it can be difficult to tell how much battery life you have as there is no screen on the fixture. But you can use this little trick to know how much battery life is remaining.  Tap the power button for a couple of seconds, and if the light flashes green first, the battery is almost fully charged. If it flashes amber or yellow, the battery is anywhere in the middle. And if it flashes red, it means you have less than 30 minutes of battery life. 

Astera AX3 Lightdrop Specs

100% wireless
IP65 (Can be in the rain, but cannot be submerged)
Battery life
8-20 hours
Wireless DMX
Magnetic Back
Wireless Remote
Light source
1 x 15w RGBW LED
Brightness (Lux @ 2M)
Beam Angle

Astera AX3 Lightdrop Topics

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:15 Battery life and waterproof capabilities
  • 0:28 Rental quantities and case
  • 0:47 Floor stand
  • 1:04 Hanging the fixture
  • 1:28 Clamping the fixture
  • 2:31 Beam angle
  • 2:48 Diffusers
  • 3:17 Remote
  • 4:04 AX7 Transmitter
  • 4:28 Pairing with the app
  • 4:54 How to tell the battery life on the fixture
  • 6:03 Final thoughts