Do you want to know what it’s like to become an Audio Visual technician? Then you’re at the right place! In this video, we discuss the skills required to become an Audio Visual technician and how you can become successful in this field. 

Quick Answer: An Audio-Visual technician helps with event technology, mostly at corporate events, and manages corporate work in ballrooms and meeting rooms. To be a successful AV tech, you must have an understating of related technology such as audio, video, and lighting. 

How to Be Successful As an Audio Visual Technician 

Below are the most crucial factors that we believe can help you become a successful Audio Visual technician (AV tech)


You’re working with clients who have been looking forward to their event for more than a year, so there can be a lot of stress and pressure. It’s your job as an Audio Visual technician to ensure all the A/V equipment work flawlessly while being calm and having a smile on your face. 

Moreover, you need to make sure that the stress of the clients doesn’t influence your ability and skills to troubleshoot technology.


It’s important to label things and have clean tape runs, and cable runs, and everything organized because there can be times when you can’t complete your shifts, and somebody else has to understand what you’re doing to complete the rest of the work. 

Good Understanding of Audio Equipment 

As an AV tech, you must be aware of how analog and digital audio consoles work. You should also have a deep understating of audio and related equipment such as wireless microphones, how to program their frequencies, wired microphones, podium microphones, and condenser microphones.

One thing that you’ll have to frequently deal with as an AV tech is to prevent feedback with lavalier microphones. So, it’s even better if you know how to EQ a channel so that there is no feeding back, even if you have multiple lav mics turned on at the same time. 

Good Understanding of Visual Equipment 

When it comes to visual equipment, you need to have a good understanding of PC and Mac; how to change their output display settings, how PowerPoint and Keynote work, etc. 

You’ll also be working with projectors, screens, and video switchers, so it’s best to have a basic understanding of these things.

How Much Do Audio Visual Technicians Get Paid?

If you’re just starting as an AV tech, you can expect around $15-$18 per hour. But, you can earn between $25-$45 per hour as you gain experience.

Your pay rate mostly depends on your skills, how well you get along with your team, and how flexible you are with your schedule.