In this video, we discuss the role of a camera operator at live events.

Quick Answer: A camera operator works with an event producer or director and the V1 to ensure everything is according to what’s directed by the show producers. 

A camera operator needs to have experience with all types of studio and broadcast cameras that are used in the event industry. As a camera operator, you’ll either be using a camera on a tripod for IMAG or recording and archiving the event. 

Another type of camera operator is the handheld camera operator, who is closer to the stage getting more artistic shots. 

Camera Operator Pay

The pay scale for camera operators can vary wildly in the event industry. If you have limited experience and are working for a small company, you can expect to be close to minimum wage. If you get into a union or work for a large company, you will be at the top of this scale.

Camera Operator Pay: $15-100/hour.

Camera Operator Schedule

Your work schedule can also vary wildly depending on the company that you work for. Some operators will work regular hours (Monday-Friday 8a-5p) and some will be on-call and be expected to work 10-12 hours/day.

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