In this article, we’ll explain what a V2, aka Video Engineer’s Assistant, does. If you’re new to the industry and want to know a little more about roles in the A/V industry, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to find out more about the V2 (Video Engineer’s Assistant) position.

Quick Answer: As the name might suggest, a V2 (Video Engineer’s Assistant) is there to provide support at events that are too large for a V1 (Video Engineer) to manage alone. 

V2 (Video Engineer’s Assistant) Job Description

A V2 is called in to assist at events that are so large, it’s impossible for the V1 to do everything by themselves. To become a video engineer’s assistant, candidates need to have a high competency in a number of areas.

  • A great understanding of resolutions, frame rates, and signal types
  • Setting up projectors, screens, cameras, and recording equipment
  • Anything else that might be required to meet an event’s video needs

Events can be anything from a room with 500 people all the way up to large arenas. Ultimately the V2 is there to support and take guidance from the V1. 

Equipment Used To Make The Accompanying Video

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