We’re going to talk you through how to choose a document camera (ELMO) for your event. Not sure what these cameras do exactly? Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything you need to know.

Quick Answer: A document camera captures video of what you place under its lens and outputs it to a connected display device.

What Is a Document Camera Used For?

Document cameras are great for showing hand-written notes, cellphone images, or even iPad screens to a large audience. Once your audience reaches a certain size, writing on an easel is no longer going to work; people further away simply won’t be able to read it.

You can hook a document camera up to a projector, video switcher, or TV to magnify whatever you’re writing down on the paper below it. Think of it as a modern replacement for the overhead projectors common in schools 15 years ago.

Display Device

The most important thing to know about a document camera is that it doesn’t work by itself; it needs a display device like a TV or projector. All the camera does is video or film what you’re doing.

Equipment Used To Make The Accompanying Video

How To Choose A Document Camera (ELMO) For Your Event Topics

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