In this article, we’re going to talk about using a powerCON to Edison cable to make your cable runs as efficient as possible.

Quick Answer: If you only have one 15 A circuit and need to daisy chain different types of fixtures, a PowerCON to Edison cable can save the day.

Circuit Sharing

Before we start, as a general rule, lighting equipment should only share a circuit with other lighting equipment. You shouldn’t be using the power pass through to go to a projector, audio equipment, or a speaker.

This rule originated when the use of dimmers was common as the dimming circuit would affect the power. Now, it’s still best practice in terms of maintaining accountability. The lighting crew is in charge of their own power and not reliant on anyone else.

Connecting Fixtures

What can you do if you have a truss or event space with only one 15 A lighting circuit?

  • Power your first fixture with an Edison to powerCON cable.
  • Daisy chain fixtures using a powerCON to powerCON cable.

Great! But what happens if you need to add a fixture that only has an Edison power input? We dealt with this by having powerCON to Edison cables made.

  • Power the first fixture as before.
  • Connect the grey powerCON connector to the first fixture’s output.
  • Power your second fixture by plugging into the Edison end of the cable.

Power Monitoring

You need to calculate and keep track of the watts and amps that each fixture draws from the circuit. PowerCON to Edson is perfectly fine so long as there is enough headroom in the circuit.

Exceeding the load of the 15 A of the circuit can cause damage to your fixtures, so trial and error is not an option.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:10 Circuit sharing
  • 0:48 Connecting fixtures
  • 1:40 Power monitoring
  • 2:17 Final thoughts

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