In this article, we’re going to introduce you to the Microh LED Arena 150 follow spot. We’ll discuss its features and the venue types it’s best suited to.

Quick Answer: The Microh LED Arena 150 is a simple-to-operate follow spot fixture that works well in schools, churches, and small auditoriums. Six colors, dimmer, CTO, and iris controls mean you can follow a lead singer or presenter with ease.

Microh LED Arena 150 Throw Distance

The Microh Arena 150 follow spot doesn’t have a very wide beam, meaning you need to back it up quite a bit from your subject for it to be effective. We suggest you need at least 100’ of throw distance for this fixture to perform well. This would be ideal for use in a church or school.

Microh LED Arena 150 Follow Spot Brightness

We find the Microh 150 follow spot is bright enough for use in venues such as schools, churches, and small ballrooms. We’ve used this fixture at music events held in a 1,500 capacity auditorium and found it worked just fine for following the lead singer.

Microh LED Arena 150 Follow Spot Controls

  • Adjustable tension knob
    Sets the tension of the stand for more precise panning movements.
  • Dimmer slider
    Adjusts the level of brightness.
  • CTO slider
    Adjusts color temperature to match warmer fixtures.
  • Iris slider
    Narrows the width of the spot beam.

Microh LED Arena 150 Color Options

The Microh Arena 150 has six colors of light to choose from; white, green, yellow, red, blue, and orange. Each color has its own button on the back of the unit next to the control sliders.