In this article, we’ll explain how to set up a gobo with a leko (Ovation 190WW) stage light. We’ll cover what a gobo is, what they’re made from, and how to get the best results when using one.

Quick Answer: Get a gobo in the correct size for your light fixture, insert it into a gobo holder/frame, and drop this into the gobo slot on your light fixture. Finally, adjust the lens position until the projected image is in focus. 

What Is A Gobo?

A gobo is a small insert that you place into a light fixture in order to project a shape, logo, or pattern onto a wall, dancefloor, or other surfaces.

Gobo is short for “go-between optics,” which is basically a description of how we use gobos. We’ll explain more in the how-to section in a moment.

Gobo Materials

Gobos are made from a variety of materials, with each having its own merits.

  • Steel gobo
    Steel gobos work well for simple shapes, but any cutout areas need to be connected to the rest of the gobo by small tabs, which will show up in your projection.
  • Glass gobo
    Glass gobos with screen-printed masks create complex shapes and patterns without the need for tabs to hold everything in place, delivering a cleaner final projection.

Leko Lights

Usually, we use a leko fixture to project gobos. You can buy purpose-built gobo projectors, but it seems more sensible to use a leko light that can also fulfill other roles, such as a stage wash.

How To Set Up A Gobo Using A Leko Light

Time needed: 2 minutes

  1. Find out which size gobo your fixture takes
  2. Load your gobo into the appropriate sized frame/holder
    Make sure to align your gobo correctly if a logo or other image needs to be displayed the right way up.

    In the frame, your logo should appear upsidedown and backward as the light’s lens will flip everything.
  3. Drop the gobo holder into the slot on your light fixture
  4. Loosen off the fixture’s lens and adjust the lens position until the projected image is in focus

How To Set Up A Gobo Light Using A Leko Topics

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:19 Gobo materials
  • 0:51 Leko lights
  • 1:23 Loading the gobo into the light
  • 2:11 Focusing the light
  • 2:49 Final thoughts

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