In this walkthrough guide, we’ll explain the two methods you can use to update the software on any Chamsys MagicQ console.

Quick Answer: Download the latest stable MagicQ software from Chamsys and transfer it to your console using a USB stick. You can use either the built-in update software app or install the file manually. 

How to Update Chamsys MagicQ Software

Chamsys MQ80 Lighting Console

Note: We don’t recommend updating the software on your Chamsys console at a venue or event. Only do it when you have time to test and fix any problems that may occur.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

  1. Download the latest version of the MagicQ software to a USB drive
    Visit the Chamsys website to download the latest stable release of the MagicQ .cdc file.
  2. Insert USB drive into your console
  3. Navigate to the “Change Software” screen
    Setup > View System > View Status > Change Software.
  4. Quit console
    Select yes at the “Quit console and change software” prompt.
  5. Load software from USB stick
    Select “Load software from USB stick” > Select the .cdc file with the most recent date from the list > Press enter.

Chamsys MagicQ Software Update Error Message Workaround

We always download the update file using a Mac and always encounter an error message using the software update procedure outlined above. We have no idea why it happens, but thankfully, we’ve found a workaround.

Time needed: 2 minutes

  1. Reboot the console
    Select “OK” to clear the error message > “Shut down” from the main menu > “Shut down” once more to confirm > Turn the console on.
  2. Navigate to the .cdc file
    Setup > View Settings > File Manager > USB Drive > .cdc file > Enter
  3. Confirm the software change
    Select “Yes” when prompted to change the software and restart the console.

Chamsys Software Update Tip

Your Chamsys console saves every update you have ever installed. This allows you to re-install your current software version or roll back to an older one without needing to download the files again.

Navigate to the “Change software” screen as detailed above, and you’ll see options to re-install the current version. Select the option below that, and the console will present you with a list of previous versions.

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