We’re going to explain how we use the Chauvet NetX-II with the Chamsys MQ80 and why you would want to use this equipment together in the first place.

Quick Answer: The Chauvet NetX-II allows you to deliver 8 DMX universes to the stage over a single cable from the Chamsys MQ80. We’ve found this to be a reliable, effective pairing.

Why Use The Chauvet NetX-II & Chamsys MQ80?

The most obvious reasons for introducing the Chauvet NetX-II to your lighting setup are:

  • You need to use more than the 4 DMX outputs available on the MQ80.
    The NetX-II allows you to deliver 8 DMX universes to the stage over a single cable.
  • Your console is a long way from the stage.
    You might want to avoid running 4 100’ universes of DMX.   

Why The Chauvet NetX-II?

We looked at the official ethernet to DMX node options from Chamsys but were advised by the dealer that they were relatively outdated. The Chauvet NetX-II was half the price and offered 2 x the number of DMX universes; it was exactly what we were looking for.

Our Experience Using The Chauvet NetX-II & Chamsys MQ80

We’ve never had a problem pairing the NetX-II and MQ80. It’s a rock-solid pairing that does what it’s supposed to do. A single cable from one of the MQ80’s network outputs (Artnet or sACN) allows us to deliver up to 8 DMX universes of lighting data to the stage via the NetX-II.

Using The Chauvet NetX-II To Split 4 DMX Universes

If you only have 4 DMX universes and want to use 2 outputs per universe to split the cable, the NetX-II menu allows you to soft patch outputs for this purpose. Remember to let your system tech or console operator know what you’ve done!  

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