In this article, we’re going to show you how to use a meeting timer at your event. A meeting timer, like the D’San Limitimer PRO-2000, helps to keep your event running to schedule and gives your speakers a visual cue of how long they have left.

Quick Answer: The control device allows you to program your timer and send a signal to a clock display unit positioned discreetly where only your presenter can see it. Set the warning lights and audible beep as needed to best keep your event on track.

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Parts Of The Meeting Timer

Limitimer Meeting Timer

  • Large clock display unit
    Position this on the floor of the stage for the presenter to see.
  • Small clock display unit
    Position on the podium for the presenter to see.
  • Control unit
    Contol the external displaysdipsplays.

Meeting Timer Control Device

The meeting timer control device allows you to set various programs, storing up to 4 on the device’s memory. This is particularly useful if you have a few different presentation lengths at your event.

Meeting Timer Warning Lights

The large and small clock display units each have a series of 3 warning lights which you can program to come on at specific intervals.

  • Green
    Illuminated during the main body of the presentation.
  • Yellow
    Comes on at a time you set to warn the speaker that their allotted time is coming to an end.
  • Red
    Illuminates once the allotted time has elapsed.

When The Meeting Timer Clock Hits Zero

When the clock hits zero, you have various options to pick from as to how the device will behave.

  1. Pause the timer at zero
  2. Red light illuminates
  3. Timer counts in reverse

We don’t like the reverse count as a speaker could look down and misinterpret the time shown as how long they have left. We prefer to pause the timer at zero manually.

Meeting Timer Beep Option

Another option you can program once the timer hits zero is an audible beep. It can be left to run, but we like to manage this setting manually.

We let the unit beep once and then turn it off. After a minute, we’ll let it beep two more times and turn it off again. This way, you can escalate the beeps depending non how rigidly you need to manage the timing of your event and how over the presentation has run.

Meeting Timer Outputs

The meeting timer has a basic array of outputs that gives you all the functionality you need.

  • Ethernet outputs
    Our D’San Limitimer PRO-2000 has 2 ethernet outputs, so you can connect a display to each port. Alternatively, the display units have an in and out port, allowing you to daisy chain multiple devices.
  • XLR output
    An alternative connection option, but we much prefer the simplicity of the ethernet solution.

Meeting Time Power Supplies

You read right; the D’San Limitimer PRO-2000 ships with 2 power supplies; however, we have only ever needed to use one as the control device can power the displays over the ethernet cable.

Meeting Timer Pricing:

Event Meeting Timer Topics

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:10 Parts of the meeting timer
  • 0:24 Control device
  • 0:40 Warning lights
  • 0:55 When the clock hits zero
  • 1:28 Beep option
  • 1:56 Outputs
  • 2:33 Power supplies
  • 2:50 Final thoughts