In this article, we’ll show you everything you need to know about using the Rode PodMic with the Rode PSA1+ Boom Arm.

Quick Answer: We love using the Rode PSA1+ Boom Arm with the Rode Podmic. The heavy weight of the Rode Podmic is easily supported no matter how you position the stand.

Clamps & Mounts

Rode PSA1+ Threaded Clamp

The Rode PSA1+ boom arm comes with two types of clamps: threaded desk mount and padded table clamp.

Threaded desk mount

The threaded desk mount is a well-designed clamp that can be used off the side of your desk.

The bottom nut gets easily unscrewed, making it easy to pop it through a cable management system slot on your desk. 

The downside of this clamp:

  •  The top doesn’t have any rubber. Not only does it not take the resonance out, but it is very likely to leave scratches on the table.

The desk clamp

Rode PSA1+ Desk Clamp

The other type is the most common desk clamp that goes off the edge of the desk.

It is padded with rubber on the top and bottom. This means you won’t scratch the desk. You can clamp it on almost every type of desk.

Rode PodMic Mounting

Mount the Rode PodMic by screwing the bottom of the microphone to the boom arm.

The Rode Podmic is set up for both thread sizes. You can either use the thread adapter on the Rode PSA1+ that comes with it, or you can take it out.

We prefer to leave the thread adapter on because it keeps everything in one place.

Mobility Test

Position the mic in the low and dead center.

The Rode PSA 1+ boom arm has a flexible stand that holds the PodMic in position despite it being one of the heaviest microphones in our studio.

If you want the Rode PodMic hanging overhead or hanging sideways, the stand will hold the mic in its position.

No tools were needed when shifting the microphone into different positions.

Cable Management

Plug the XLR cable into the back of the microphone.

Clip the cable into the cable tracks.

This is a fast operation and works well if you have a USB cable. It holds both sides of the cable, and you can plug it in wherever you need it.

We prefer to leave a little bit of slack so that we can have room to play around with the microphone position.

Final Thoughts

This is a really good combination. The Rode PSA1+ boom arm well supports the Rode PodMic.

We think this would be a good long-term investment, and it can support whatever microphone you decide to use in the future.

Rode PodMic & Rode PSA1+ FAQ

Does the Rode PSA1+ work with the Rode Podmic

Yes, the Rode PSA1+ can support the Rode Podmic. The Rode PSA1+ can support this 2lb microphone with ease in a variety of positions and configurations.

Rode PSA1+ & Rode Podmic Price & Specs

Rode PSA1+ Boom ARm & Rode Podmic Topics

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:22 – Price & Specs
  • 0:38 – Rode Logo
  • 1:00 – Clamps & Mounts
  • 2:41 – Boom Arm
  • 3:38 – Rode Podmic Mounting
  • 4:08 – Mobility Test
  • 5:08 – Cable Management
  • 6:28 – Final Thoughts