In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to add a custom vinyl decal logo to the Rode PSA1+ Boom Arm.

Quick Answer: Lay the boom arm horizontally on the table. Cut to measure the gaff tape onto the sleeve. Remove the masking tape from the sticky side. Place the masking tape onto the arm and warm up the glue by rubbing it across the tape. Then carefully peel off the decal’s masking tape and admire your work.

Price & Specs

Our Approach

The Rode PSA 1+ Boom Arm comes with two logos printed on the sleeves made of neoprene material that covers the foam wrap inside. The advantage of this design is that it absorbs sound.


Instead, our approach is to cover it up.

Can I scrub the logo off?

Yes. You can scrub it off with industrial solvent. However, this approach is tedious and time-consuming.

Gaff Tape & Vinyl Decal

We used: 

  • a 3” black gaff tape  
  • a vinyl decal with our custom logo.

Gaff Tape

Gaff tape is mainly used in the film industry. It can be found at AV shops and photo shops. The benefit of this is that:

  • it is black
  • non-reflective
  • opaque
  • doesn’t leave a residue

Vinyl decal

For the vinyl decal, you can get it from a sign shop or print shop.

There’s a masking tape layer and a sticky layer that should be cut out. You don’t want a sticker that has a clear surface over the top, you want a cut vinyl decal.

Gaff Tape Install

Time needed: 2 minutes

  1. Lay the boom arm horizontally on the table.
  1. Fasten the gaff tape all the way across the side of the arm going from the top of the clips. 
  1. Rip off the excess tape.
  1. Roll the tape underneath.
  1. Tidy up by folding the edges of the tape into the end of the sleeves.

Vinyl Decal Install

Time needed: 4 minutes

  1. Pull the backing off to separate the masking tape layer from the sticky side. 

Be careful because we want the vinyl decal to stay with the masking tape.

  1. Line up the vinyl decal to the boom arm. 

You can use masking tape to get a straight line or use the bottom of the letters in your logo as a guide relative to the bottom of the stand.

  1. Heat it up by rubbing your hand across the masking tape.

This will warm the glue to seal it to the gaff tape.

  1. Peel the masking tape layer off. 

Take your time while pulling to make sure that everything separates nicely.


If you get these vinyl decals in bulk, it is advisable to use them within the first year because they usually dry up or so.

How To Add A Custom Logo To Rode PSA1+ Boom Arm | Price & Specs

How To Add A Custom Logo To Rode PSA1+ Boom Arm | Topics

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  • 5:03 – Did it work?
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