Are you struggling to select the right podium for your next event? In this article, we’ll introduce you to 3 of the most popular podium styles and explain the reasons to pick each one based on the type of event you’re planning.

Quick Answer: A wood and aluminum podium is the most basic design, which has the benefit of being more mobile and versatile thanks to built-in wheels. The presidential acrylic podium is well suited to high-end events and press conferences, while the elite podium is best for taller speakers.

Wood & Aluminum Podium

Wood and aluminum podiums are amongst the more basic podiums available and are often quite popular as house fixtures at convention centers and hotels.

Features will vary, but our wood and aluminum podium has 2 microphone inputs and a mounted lamp. Ours has wheels mounted, making it super easy to move from one place to another at multiday or location diverse events. 

Presidential Acrylic Podium

This is the most popular podium in our inventory; it is often rented out for press conferences and high-end events. This podium also has 2 microphone inputs and a built-in lamp.

One big downside of an acrylic podium is that it needs to be wiped down constantly to get rid of marks and smudges. The presidential acrylic podium works best in venues with high-set lighting to avoid the podium casting unwanted reflections and glare into the guests’ eyes.

Elite Podium

The final podium in our lineup is the elite podium. It features 2 microphone inputs but doesn’t have a lamp like the others we have mentioned. At the time of producing the accompanying video, this was the podium of choice for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The elite podium is finished in matte black, so there are no issues with reflections, but it is about 3” taller than the other two, making it too high to be comfortable for some speakers. We’d only recommend this podium if the majority of your speakers are 6 ft or taller.

Podium Sign Mounting

All of the podiums we have featured have a surface suitable for mounting poster board with signage or branding relevant to your event. All would easily accommodate 24” x 12” signage. 

How To Select The Right Podium For Your Event Topics

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