In this article, we’ll explain what an A2, aka Audio Engineer Assistant, does. If you’re new to the audio industry and want to know a little bit more about the key roles, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn more about the typical duties of an A2 (Audio Engineer Assistant).

Quick Answer: An A2 (Audio Engineer Assistant) is there to help and support the A1 at larger events. An A2 is expected to have a higher level of skill and knowledge than an A/V Technician and will carry more responsibility at an event.

A2 (Audio Engineer Assistant) Job Description

Basically, an A2 does everything that the A1 (Audio Engineer) doesn’t have time for. The A1 is the most senior audio role on-site at an event, so the A2 is there to support them, tackling the tasks that would otherwise take up a lot of their time.

Generally speaking, the A1 will require the support of an A2 when an event has more than ten mics. An A2 should have the skills and knowledge to undertake the following:

  • Take charge of wireless microphones and manage frequency coordination.
  • Setup Clear-Com.
  • Run cables.
  • Set up a line array.
  • Professional communication with the client and stage manager.

A2 (Audio Engineer Assistant) Event Days

An A2 is more advanced than an Audio Visual Technician or a stagehand, and they have more responsibility than either of these other roles. 

Typically, an A2’s day is only an hour or two shorter than the A1’s, with the A1 having the most responsibility. As a result, the A2 makes roughly $5 less than the A1 per hour in a corporate environment.