In this article, we’ll explain what an A1, aka Audio Engineer, does. If you’re new to the audio industry and want to know a little bit more about the key roles, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn more about the typical duties of an A1 (Audio Engineer).

Quick Answer: The A1 Audio Engineer is the senior engineer in charge of the audio side of an event. They do everything at smaller events and enlist the help of A2s and stagehands at larger ones.

A1 (Audio Engineer) Job Description

An A1 is the most senior audio tech or audio engineer in the room. Typically, A1s are hired when an event has more than 500 guests, and there is some kind of specialty audio requirement beyond the skill set of a normal A/V technician.

The A1 is in charge of the whole audio setup at an event, from start to finish.

  • Leading the setup and tear down
  • Speaker placement and tuning
  • Oversees the A2 in coordinating wireless and monitors
  • Lead mixing engineer
    The A1 will not always be the person operating the mixing board, but they perform this function more often than not.

How The A1 Role Varies With Event Size

At some smaller events, typically in rooms with a capacity of 500 to 1000 people, it’s not uncommon for an A1 to do everything, including running all of the cables.

As the event increases in size, A2s will be added to help manage the workload, and stagehands will be utilized for tasks such as placing speakers and running cables.

As the most senior person in the room, an A1 will typically have a longer day than other crew members. Carrying the most responsibility means they can expect to work 10-14 hour days.

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