In this video we discuss 3 things you should know about the Yamaha MG10XU Audio Mixing Console.

1 – USB Cable

When you purchase your Yamaha MG10XU audio mixer from a dealer, it will not come with a USB cable for you to connect it to your computer.

The Yamaha MG10XU comes with:

  • Yamaha MG10XU Audio Mixing Console
  • Power Supply
  • Documentation

If you only plan on running live events, this is no problem at all since you will probably just use the XLR outputs on your audio mixer.

If you plan on connecting the Yamaha MG10XU to a computer, you will either need:

Depending on what is available on your computer.

2 – Warm/Hot Temperature

After leaving your mixer on for a while (or overnight) you may notice that your Yamaha MG10XU is hot or warm.

This is what the MG10XU Manual Has To Say:

It doesn’t seem like Yamaha is too concerned about the issue, but we recommend turning the audio mixer off when you’re not using it. We have another video below where we talk about this specific issue:

3 – USB Volume

When users first use their USB output to connect the Yamaha MG10XU to their computer, they often complain that their Yamaha MG10XU is too “quiet” and that the master volume doesn’t make an impact on the USB output.

For the “quiet” issue, this is mostly to do with how users set up their gain structure.

For the USB Volume issue, it’s important to know that the master volume does not make an impact on the volume of the USB output. You must set your gain and level correctly because those are the only two inputs that influence the output of your USB level.

It is a little confusing, and it can be frustrating not to have a master volume.

There are probably several reasons that Yamaha (and Mackie) did it this way. My guess is that they wanted to make sure the digital output would never clip/distort which would happen if your output gain ever goes over 0 dB.

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