In this video we talk about how hot the Yamaha MG10XU can get and what Yamaha says about the issue.

Hot Yamaha MG10XU?

If you’ve spent any time with the Yamaha MG10XU Audio Mixer, you’ve probably realized that it can get warm or hot after long periods of use. This can be concerning to some users with obvious fears of electrical issue or perhaps even a fire hazard.

What Does Yamaha Say?

Hot Yamaha MG10XU
An excerpt from the Yamaha MG10XU Manual Describing The Issue

Yamaha does not seem to be concerned with any operating temperature up to 50° Celsius (122° Fahrenheit) from an operational standpoint, but they warn that it may cause burns or injury to the audio technician that may be operating the equipment.

What Do We Recommend?

Although Yamaha doesn’t seem to think there is any inherent safety issue with their console operating between 15-50°C, we recommend always turning the console off if you’re not using it.

Topics Covered In This Video

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:27 – What Does Yamaha Say?
  • 1:40 – My Recommendation
  • 2:10 – Final Thoughts

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