In this tutorial we show you exactly how to fix the Quiet USB Output on the Yamaha MG10XU audio mixer by properly setting the gain and by using an external mic activator.

Many Yamaha MG10XU users notice that the console has a quiet USB output when they first connect the USB to their recording device (computer, iPad, etc). 

The USB output operates independently of the stereo output (bottom right).

If you’re using the mixer for live streaming and notice a quiet output, it’s because your channel gain is set incorrectly.

How To Fix Quet USB Output on Yamaha MG10XU

Time needed: 5 minutes

How To Fix Quet USB Output on Yamaha MG10XU

  1. Plug your microphone into any channel

    Using an XLR cable

  2. Turn on Phantom Power if you’re using a condenser microphone

  3. Turn the Level (bottom white knob) up to the triangle position.

  4. Increase the gain until the meter goes up to 0 (without going over) when you are speaking normally

    If the meter is hitting 0 when you speak normally, your USB output will be sending a signal that is as strong as it should be for your live stream or recording. You don’t want more level than this with a digital signal going to your recording device/computer.

  5. Adjust the stereo output (bottom right) up or down to bring your speakers to your desired volume.

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Mic Activators (Only Help Dynamic Microphones):

Quiet Yamaha MG10XU Chapters

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:50 – Mixer Setup For Microphones
  • 1:45 – Setting The Gain Correctly
  • 3:55 – Maxing Out The Gain
  • 5:35 – Using A Mic Activator
  • 7:42 – Summary
  • 8:12 – Final Thoughts

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