Not sure how to use a press box at your event? In this article, we’ll explain how a press box works a why you should have one for every press event you do.

Quick Answer: With your sound system set up, feed audio from your mixer to the input on your press box. Then the press will be able to connect to one of the outputs and receive clean event audio without using their own microphone.

Why Do You Need A Press Box?

No doubt, you’ve seen a presenter stood behind a podium with 15 press microphones positioned in front of them. It looks terrible and encourages the various press outlets to compete over the best spot to have their logo seen on TV.

People eventually grew tired of this, so the press box was introduced as a means to discreetly deliver a clean audio feed to the press without all the clutter. The only microphone on the podium is yours.

How To Use A Press Box At Your Event

Time needed: 2 Minutes

  1. Set up your sound system for the event
    If you need some help, check out our how to set up a sound system guide.
  2. Feed audio from your mixer into the line input on the press box
    The press will then be able to connect their equipment to one of the XLR outputs and receive a clean feed of your audio.
  3. Daisy chain additional press boxes if needed
    The press box has an XLR in and out, allowing you to chain up to 23 additional boxes if you need more outputs.

Press Box – Line Level Or Mic Level?

Every camera operator connecting to your press box will want to know if you’re giving them line-level or mic-level audio.

The PSC Press Train that we use takes in a line-level signal but delivers a mic-level from the 12 XLR outputs.

Rather than explain this to every member of the press, we put a sticker on the box that reads “Mic-Level Signal.”

How To Use A Press Box At Your Event Topics

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