In this video, we test the Rode PodMic with an XLR to USB cable to effectively power the microphone.

Summary: An XLR to USB cable does not provide enough gain for the Rode PodMic.

Rode PodMic Gain Requirements

All XLR mics have varying degrees of sensitivity. Some dynamic mics, like the Rode PodMic, tend to be on the quieter side. This means you need quite a bit of gain to make the PodMic function correctly with as little noise as possible.

Not only does an XLR to USB cable not provide enough gain for this specific microphone (only 20dB of the required 57dB), but it also adds a lot of noise to the microphone signal and will not sound great to your audience.

How to Connect Rode PodMic To Computer

If you wish to connect your Rode PodMic to your computer we recommend using an Audio Interface or Audio Mixer. These solutions will provide an appropriate amount of gain for the Rode PodMic and convert everything to a digital signal for your computer.

When you’re looking for an audio interface or audio mixer, you should be looking for one that provides more than 57dB of gain. Our recommendations include:

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Pricing & Specs for PodMic and XLR To USB Cable

Rode PodMic & XLR To USB Cable Topics

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:33 – Connect Rode PodMic to Computer & Level
  • 0:59 – Audio Test With Rode PodMic & XLR To USB Cable
  • 1:20 – Signal To Noise Ratio
  • 2:20 – CloudLifter?
  • 3:20 – Final Thoughts

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