In this article, we’ll show you the best way to mute your Audio Technica AT2020 XLR condenser microphone. This is an excellent solution for podcasting, live streaming, online meetings, and more.

Quick Answer: If you don’t have a mixer or audio interface with a mute button, we recommend using an inline XLR mute switch like the Rolls MS111. Make sure to look for a phantom power compatible mute switch for condenser mics like your AT2020.

Rolls XLR Mute Switch:

Audio Mixer/Interface Mute Button

If you already have this option available to you, you probably wouldn’t be reading this article. But if you’re in the market for a new way to connect your condenser microphone to a computer, this may sway your decision. 

Audio mixers, like the Macie ProFX10v3, have a mute button for each channel which would be the easiest way to mute your mic without additional equipment.

Audio interfaces, like the Elgato Wave XLR, also have a mute button which would allow you to temporarily silence your AT2020 microphone.

Inline XLR Mute Switch

Another way to mute your AT2020 is to use an inline mute button like the Rolls MS111 MicSwitch. It’s pretty simple to set up and connects in the same way an inline preamp would.

AT2020 > XLR cable > MS111 MicSwitch > XLR cable > Audio Interface

Phantom Power +48 V

You can’t just buy the first inline mic switch that you find, as some don’t work with condenser microphones like your AT2020. Don’t forget, condenser microphones need external power in order to function.

So, you’ll need to find an inline XLR mute switch that can handle and support 48 V phantom power.

Mute Switch Cough Mode

Mute switches like the Rolls MS111 have two different modes; these are known as cough mode and latch mode.

In cough mode, the switch will mute your microphone for as long as you hold the button down. As soon as you lift your finger, the mic will be live again. It’s ideal if you need to cough or sneeze during a live stream.

Mute Switch Latch Mode

In latch mode, you click the button down once to mute the microphone indefinitely. Click the button again to unmute the mic.

This is useful when you know you’re going to be taking longer breaks between speaking. So, it’s a great piece of equipment for online video meetings and conference calls where you might not be speaking frequently.

Audio Technica AT2020 Tutorial Equipment Pricing

How To Mute Audio Technica AT2020 Topics

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:10 – Audio Mixer/Interface Mute Button
  • 0:22 – Inline XLR Mute Switch
  • 0:36 – Phantom Power +48v
  • 1:10 – Cough vs. Latch
  • 1:17 – Cough Mode
  • 1:28 – Latch Mode
  • 1:44 – Summary
  • 2:00 – Final Thoughts

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