Does the Audio Technica AT2020 need a shock mount? We’ll answer that question, explore why people use shock mounts, and explain how they work.

Quick Answer: We believe that the Audio Technica AT2020, and every other condenser microphone, should be used with a shock mount whenever possible. It insulates the microphone from vibrations and other environmental factors.

Why Use A Shock Mount?

Condenser microphones, like the AT2020, are super sensitive to everything in their environment. They’ll pick up things that you probably won’t even hear in person.

Say a car drives past your building. It’s possible that there are low frequencies coming through the floor that pass through your table, up into your mic stand, and ultimately into the microphone. You won’t hear it happen, but it could affect your recording.

A shock mount isolates the microphone from its environment. While a lot of dynamic microphones have internal shock mounting, it’s far less common feature in condenser mics.

What Is A Shock Mount?

Essentially, a shock mount is a free-floating platform suspended inside a cage to further isolate it from its environment. Typically, the platform is suspended within the enclosure using rubber or elasticated cords.

Some shock mounts require that you screw the microphone down onto the platform, while with other more generic models, you simply drop it into the holder. They come in many shapes and sizes, but they all do the same job.

Boom Arm & Shock Mount

Taking things a step further, you can use a shock mount in conjunction with a boom arm. Boom arms like the Rode PSA1+ have a high amount of shock proofing built-in. Using both together provides double insulation for your condenser microphone.

Looking for the best boom arm or other accessories for your AT2020 setup? Then check out our selection of activity-based audio equipment buyers guides.

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