Do you need a pop filter for the Rode Podmic?

Quick Answer: We believe that the Rode PodMic is sensitive to plosives and can benefit from an additional pop filter or foam windscreen.

After doing our test with the Rode Podmic, we noticed that it is quite sensitive to plosives, despite what Rode says. We believe that an inexpensive foam windscreen is the simplest way to improve the plosive protection and have a better recording experience with this microphone.

What does Rode say?

This is what Rode say on their website:

Does the PodMic need a shock mount and pop filter?

Due to the design of the swing mount, the PodMic cannot be attached to an external shock mount. However, the PodMic’s capsule is internally suspended and the swing mount is internally decoupled from the body, so you do not need to use a shock mount. There’s also an in-built pop filter, so you do not need to use a windshield.”

Rode PodMic Pop Filter

Rode PodMic Pop Filter Equipment

Rode PodMic Video Playlist

Rode PodMic Windscreen Chapters

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:24 – What Does A Pop Filter Do?
  • 1:08 – Off Axis Positioning
  • 1:39 – Rode SM6 Pop Filter
  • 2:32 – Foam Windscreen
  • 3:18 – Summary
  • 3:24 – Final Thoughts

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