In this guide, we discuss (and show) whether or not dynamic microphones can be improved by adding phantom power.

Quick Answer: No, Phantom power does not make any difference to the quality of a dynamic microphone. Most modern balanced dynamic microphones will ignore phantom power completely (it’s a phantom), and it will not improve or hurt a dynamic microphone.

What Is Phantom Power?

Phantom power is a 48v power supply that comes from an audio interface or audio mixer in order to activate a condenser microphone. Typically there will be a button at the top of each channel strip or a single switch that you can activate for your entire audio mixer.

If your audio mixer only has a single 48v phantom power button, you have no choice but to turn it on if you have a condenser microphone connected to your audio mixer. This won’t have an effect on modern balanced dynamic microphones, and it will not hurt them or help them in any way.

Active Dynamic Microphones

In the last several years, we’ve seen an advent of a new class of dynamic microphones: active dynamic microphones.

Active dynamic microphones require 48v of phantom power to activate their internal microphone preamp. This internal preamp will reduce the burden of the preamp on your audio interface or audio mixer by 20-30dB.

For more info: What is an active dynamic microphone?

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