We’re going to share a couple of tips on how to mount your lighting to an upright truss kit properly. We’ll be talking about clamps, safety cables, and electrical tape.

Quick Answer: Use lighting clamps for smaller fixtures, and make sure to attach safety cables to all lights that need them. Straps work well for lights on a top plate. 

Lighting Clamps

We use lighting clamps for anything that is mounted to the pipe. Secure the clamp to the truss itself, and bolt the light to the clamp. Every fixture secured to a lighting or rigging clamp needs to have a safety cable.

Safety Cables & Straps  

As a rule of thumb, you should use a safety cable for:

  • Any fixture that has a lighting or rigging clamp
  • Any ground-supported fixture that is positioned above shoulder height

When we’re working with our bigger, more expensive professional fixtures, we use a safety strap to hold them down onto the truss too.

Safety cables cost $5 each, making them much cheaper than new gear or expensive lawsuits.

Cable Runs

Tidying and taping your cables adds an extra degree of safety to your setup, but it also just looks a whole lot more professional. Make an effort to hide cable runs from the audience and consider small touches like using white tape on an aluminum truss.

It doesn’t take any longer; it’s just a matter of taking pride in your work and being good at what you do. Neat cables mean your lights can do the talking!

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