In this article, we show you how to set up and use the Trash Talk feature inside the Rodecaster Pro 2 Audio Mixer

Quick Answer: The trash talk mode is a mixer action on the Rodecaster Pro 2 that is useful for putting a remote guest on hold (kind of).

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What Is Trash Talk?

Rode Rodecaster Pro II

The trash talk mode is a mixer action on the Rodecaster Pro 2 that is useful for putting a remote guest on hold. The mode works for Bluetooth output/inputs and USB outputs/inputs. It makes it so that they can’t hear what’s happening locally in the room or on any of the in-person inputs on the audio mixer.

This mode doesn’t work for any in-person guest.

This mode works when you engage trash talk mode and turn down the faders. When you’re ready you can undo trash talk and then bring up the faders.

That being said, if the faders are turned up on the Bluetooth and USB inputs, you can still hear them.

How To Setup Trash Talk

Clear up effects

Go to settings

Select SMART Pads

Go to effects and click on the FX button

Select clear.

Confirm by clicking the clear button.

Set up trash talk mode

Go to effects.

On the new SMART pad menu, select mixer as pad type.

On the mixer menu, select trash talk.

While active, trash talk will mute the audio output to remote guests meaning they won’t be able to hear you or your guests in the room.

Once you select trash talk, you can choose to either have it on latching or momentary.

Latching works if you have to say something that goes unheard over a long period.

Momentary works if you are trying to say something really quickly and you do not want to be heard.

Hit ok.

To turn it off, tap the trash talk mode on the effect buttons.

There are no indicators on the buttons to let you know which channels have trash talk on. It would be kind of frustrating if you’re mid-podcast and you found out your online or remote guest never heard you the whole time. 

However, you have to watch the light on the smart pad. It gets lighter when it is turned on.

When To Use Trash Talk

We would use this as an on-hold button in the following ways:

  • Soundcheck a guest before the show starts
  • Cover confidential or unrelated business during an online meeting or presentation that we don’t want our guests to hear

When To Avoid Trash Talk

We would not use it regularly in either podcasting or live streaming.

There is a narrow circumstance where we’d see this mode used in a live stream. 

That being said, we are curious about what you think about this button and when you’d use it. If you could think of a good use of the trash talk built into the Rodecaster pro 2, we’d be interested to hear how you use this button.

Rodecaster Pro 2 Trash Talk | Setup & Demo | Price & Specs

Rodecaster Pro 2 Trash Talk | Setup & Demo | Topics

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