Rodecaster Pro 2 | Mix Minus Setup & Explanation

In this article, we explain how the mix minus works on the Rode Rodecaster 2 Audio Mixer. This is a helpful tool that makes communications with your remote guest much easier. We will give you a walkthrough tutorial on how to properly set up.

Quick Answer: A mix-minus allows you to have a conversation with a remote guest where they can hear the entire mix, minus their microphone. This will prevent audio feedback, echoes, and other unnecessary distractions.

Price & Specs

What Is Mix Minus?

The mix minus is a feature that allows a remote caller/guest to hear the whole recording mix except the copy of themselves.

This setup will help the remote caller understand the context of what is happening within the live stream, recording, or in-person event to communicate effectively. They can hear the hosts, the guests, the playback, and the media but they will not hear a delayed version of their audio coming back to them.

Rodecaster Pro 2 Setup

For this setup, we will use two computers/laptops to connect to the audio mixer.

Connect the laptop used for recording to the first USB output on the audio mixer.

Connect the second laptop used for receiving remote guests to the second USB output.

Mix-Minus Setup

Go under settings, select outputs, then select routing.

Make sure the USB output #1 is set at Main Mix.

Click the right arrow button, and select Mix Minus for the first output’s chat.

Click the right arrow button again.

Select Mix Minus for the second USB output.

The default routing setting of the Rodecaster Pro 2 is the main mix. This is what the copy of your recording laptop needs to hear through the first USB output. 

The chat on the first output needs to be set at mix minus. This will help the chat whether it’s happening over Discord on your recording laptop to not hear any delayed copy version of the chat itself. You can still select the main mix for the chat but that is not recommended.

For the second laptop, where your remote guests are, we need to set the second USB output at mix minus. We want them to get the whole mix of what is happening within the show minus the copy of themselves.

Custom Routing Mix

This is the third routing option besides the main mix and mix minus.

This setting gives you more control for more complex routing needs.

For example, if you connected the second laptop to a live stream that played music, you do not have permission to broadcast. This routing setting will give you more control in muting individual channels. 

You can mute/unmute by toggling the individual buttons of the USB output, their corresponding chats, and/or the Bluetooth output.

Local Mix-Minus

Turn off the solo of every channel except for the one who does not want to hear themselves.

This option is for in-person recordings where participants want to hear everybody in their headphone mix apart from themselves.

Rodecaster Pro 2 | Mix Minus Setup & Explanation | Price & Specs

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