In this article, we show why you should use ducking more on the Rode Rodecaster Pro 2 Audio Mixer to improve the quality of your recording. Whether you are podcasting, live streaming, conferencing, or having a live event, this article will guide you in setting up ducking and show you when to use it.

Quick Answer: Ducking is an automatic way to reduce the volume of some of your channels when the host is speaking. To set up ducking, we need to clear the effects first of that button. Go to settings. Select smart pad. Click the FX and select clear. Next, we set ducking by adding a new smart pad. Press mixer. Select ducking. Hit the ok sign.

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What Is Ducking?

Rode Rodecaster Pro II

Ducking is an automatic way of reducing the volume of every channel other than that of the host. This feature does not mute the guest channels, it only lowers their levels to give the host more authority and control over the show. 

This is a powerful tool for conversational podcasts, gaming live streams, online sessions, and even live events.

Ducking in conversational podcasts

If you have a podcast where the participants are debating or having a conversation that gets lively. Ducking allows the host to jump in to ask a question by automatically lowering the volume of the other participants.

This gives the host authority and more control to steer the show’s conversation.   

Ducking in gaming live streams

If you have game noise turned on for a more immersive live stream. Ducking will lower the game noise automatically every time you speak.

This gives you the ability to be heard every time you speak. Once you finish speaking, the game noise comes back up. 

Ducking in online sessions

Ducking can be useful for any online presence. This feature gives the host the ability to talk over videos or other content that they are presenting so they can add commentary and be heard above the video that they are showing.

For example, an online therapist can show a video to their patient during an online video conference for educational purposes. If they wanted to jump in to add their notes while the video played. Ducking will automatically lower the volume of the video so that they can add in their commentary without pausing, and then the volume will go back up when they are done.

Ducking in live events

Ducking is a helpful tool for live events like weddings.

For example, when music is playing during a wedding reception. Ducking will allow the host or someone to make a quick announcement without turning off the music all at once.

When someone hops onto a mic to make an announcement, the music will automatically lower for them to speak, and once they are done, it will automatically go back up.

How To Setup Ducking On The Rodecaster Pro II

Time needed: 5 minutes

How To Setup Ducking On Rodecaster Pro II

  1. Select Settings (Gear Icon)

  2. Select Smart Pads

    We want to assign the ducking to a smart pad.

  3. Select [+ ADD ] On An Empty (Unassigned) Smart Pad

    If your smart pads are full, you must clear an existing FX out of a smart pad.

  4. Select Mixer Effect

  5. Select Ducking

    Scroll to the far right of the menu on the touchscreen.

  6. Change Ducking From Momentary To Latch

    The audio ducking is more convenient if you turn it on/off instead of holding the smart pad down the entire time that you need ducking.

  7. Select The Checkmart (OK)

    In the top right.

  8. Play some music

    And check to make sure it’s working as desired.

When To Avoid Ducking 

We would avoid using ducking when we want every channel to have equal terms in the conversation.

Rodecaster Pro 2 Ducking | Setup & Demo | Price & Specs

Rodecaster Pro 2 Ducking | Setup & Demo | Topics

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:23 – Price & Specs
  • 0:37 – What Is Ducking?
  • 2:40 – Audio Ducking Setup
  • 4:10 – Ducking Threshold
  • 4:59 – When To Avoid Ducking
  • 5:36 – Final Thoughts