In this article, we will show you everything that you need to know about multi-track recording on your computer (Mac or PC) with the Rode Rodecaster Pro 2 Audio Mixer.

Quick Answer: Set up the audio mixer by going to settings and selecting multi-track under outputs. Select the USB button and then choose pre-fader. Set up the software, by opening a new project and make the audio mixer your preferred output and input device. Add new audio tracks before matching and labeling them to the inputs from the audio mixer. Ensure you have enabled multi-track recording. Toggle on the record button for each channel. Hit the main record button and you’re ready to go.

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What Is Multi-Track Recording?

Multi-track recording involves sending a copy of your stereo mix and each of the individual channels on the Rodecaster Pro 2 to the recording software on your computer.

This can involve as many channels as you want. For this tutorial, we will use eight channels. 

Post-Fader vs Pre Fader Recording

Here’s the difference between post-fader and pre-fader recording:

Post-fader recording – involves sending a copy of each channel after you’ve mixed it with faders to your computer. The levels you set for each channel on the audio mixer will determine the channel output for the multi-track recording through your computers.

Pre-fader recording – involves sending raw and unmixed data of each channel to your computer. This setting ignores the fader levels set for each channel when it sends the copy for multi-track recording.

We recommend using the pre-fader multi-track recording because you will end up with a copy of your stereo mix and unaffected copies from the backup channels. This allows you to record your audio from channels that are turned down.

Rodecaster Pro 2 Multi-Track Settings

  1. Go to settings.
  1. Select outputs.
  1. Select multi-track.
  1. Choose USB as output.
  1. Select pre-fader.
  1. Hit ok.

After selecting multi-track, you can choose between recording or USB. For recording, this will involve sending a copy to an SD card or an external hard drive. Make sure that you are on USB.

If you want post-fader multi-track recording, you can choose the post-fader setting after selecting outputs. For this setup, we want the pre-fader settings turned on to capture raw data on the computer.

Multi-Track Recording Setup

We will be using GarageBand software to set up our multi-track recording. This setup can also work on a PC using any major recording software like Pro Tools, Logic, Audacity, or Adobe to capture raw data from the Rodecaster Pro 2.

GarageBand setup

  1. Under New Project, select Empty Project.
  1. Under Choose a track type pop-up menu, select microphone, and then hit create.
  1. Click on GarageBand on the status bar
  1. Select Preferences…
  1. On the Preferences pop-up, select Audio/MIDI
  1. Ensure RODECasterPro II Main Multitrack is set up as both an Output Device and an Input Device.

When choosing preferences, we are confirming that the audio software is selecting the Rodecaster Pro 2 main multi-track. We do not want to be selected on any other.

This preference option is also available in other recording software.

Multi-track recording setup

  1. Right-click on the channel strip window
  1. Click New Audio Track on the pop-up menu
  1. Repeat these two steps until you have the desired amount of audio tracks

For this setup, we used eight audio tracks.

Matching and labeling each track

  1. Select an audio track.
  1. Select the master button, on the bottom window.
  1. On the master menu, select the corresponding channel as the input.

For Audio 1, select 1 (RODECaster Pro II Main Multitrack) as input.

For Audio 2, select 2 (RODECaster Pro II Main Multitrack) as input.

  1. Repeat these three steps for all the tracks.
  1. Label each track to the corresponding output on the audio mixer.

We labeled our outputs like this:

  • Audio 1 to Left Stereo Output
  • Audio 2 to Right Stereo Output
  • Audio 3 to Mic 1
  • Audio 4 to Mic 2
  • Audio 5 to Mic 3
  • Audio 6 to Mic 4 
  • Audio 7 to Bluetooth
  • Audio 8 to USB 2 

If you want the audio mixer’s soundpads in your multi-track recording, you can use the steps above to add more channel strips that can be matched and labeled to each soundpad.

Enabling multi-tracking recording

  1. Press Option + T 
  1. Check the Record Enable box
  1. Click anywhere on the screen apart from the menu to close the menu
  1. Turn off the metronome button
  1. Toggle on the record button for each track
  1. Turn on the main recording button

When you check the box, a record button will appear on each audio track. Toggle on each record button to enable recording for each channel.

When a channel is turned up on the audio mixer, you will notice a moving green meter on its corresponding audio track. You can test out each track to see if the software is receiving copies of your channel signal.

When you click the main recording button, your recording will start with a red bar forming on each audio track.

Stop recording & Exporting Channels

  1. Hit the stop button
  1. Select which channels you want for export 

You can leave out channels in your final export by either turning down their track levels or muting them.

Rodecaster Pro 2 & Computer Multi-Track Recording | Mac or PC | Price & Specs

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