In this tutorial we show you exactly how to connect your Mackie ProFX10v3 Audio Console to your iPad for recording in Garageband.

Some popular reasons that you might want to do this include:

  • Podcast Recording
  • Producing Music
  • Voiceover / Narration
  • Video Conferencing
  • Live Streaming

How To Connect Mackie ProFX10v3 to iPad

Time needed: 5 minutes

Follow the steps below

  1. Connect Audio Mixer to iPad

    If you have a lightning port, you will need the Apple Lightning Camera Adapter
    If you have a USB-C port, you can just connect a USB B to USB C cable to your iPad. You may need to use the multipart adapter from Apple if you want to charge your iPad at the same time.
    We only recommend the official adapters from Apple

  2. Open Garageband

  3. Turn Mackie ProFX10v3 Audio Mixer On

  4. Garageband will ask if you want monitoring

    Generally, you’ll want to say “turn on monitoring”, this will allow you to use headphones plugged into your audio mixer.

  5. Set Your Microphone Gain

    We don’t recommend using compression, eq, etc. if you’re recording. This will give you the cleanest recording and more options in post-production.

  6. Hit Record

    And create your recording!

Some people have left comments on our video saying that this hasn’t worked for them. After restarting their iPad and their audio mixer, everything started working again.

Pricing For Mackie ProFX10v3 Audio Equipment

Connect Mackie ProFX10v3 to iPad Chapters

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:17 – iPad Adapter For USB
  • 1:35 – Connecting The Cables
  • 2:00 – Turn On Monitoring
  • 2:43 – Connecting The Microphone
  • 3:55 – Recording In Garageband
  • 4:18 – Monitoring
  • 4:35 – Final Thoughts

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Table of Contents