Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Are you looking to upgrade your Blue Yeti by adding EQ, Compression, and effects? Connecting your Blue Yeti USB Microphone to an Audio Mixer can be a great way to provide all of these options for you.

It can be tricky to connect your Blue Yeti to an Audio Mixer since you normally the USB output to connect your microphone to your computer. To connect your Blue Yeti to an Audio Mixer, we’ll have to use the headphone jack output.

Quick Answer: The easiest way to connect your Blue Yeti to an audio mixer is to connect the headphone jack output to an audio mixer.

How To Connect Blue Yeti To Audio Mixer

Yamaha MG10XU Audio Mixer

How To Connect Blue Yeti To Audio Mixer

  1. Connect Blue Yeti To Computer

    Connect Blue Yeti to Computer to power the microphones

  2. Set Gain As Per Usual

    Setup your gain as usual, with the lowest volume setting to get a clear signal

  3. Set Cardioid Mode

    Set cardioid mode on Blue Yeti for best results

  4. Connect Audio Mixer To Power

    Connect audio mixer to power and turn on.

  5. Connect Audio Mixer to Computer

    Connect USB Cable from Audio Mixer to Computer

  6. Connect Blue Yeti To Audio Mixer

    Using a headphone jack to dual 1/4″ cable (

  7. Set Gain/Level On Audio Mixer

    Set gain to make sure the mixer has the correct audio level

  8. Set Compression/EQ/Effects As Desired

    Set compression/EQ/effects as desired

  9. Record!

Blue Yeti & Audio Mixer Equipment Pricing

Blue Yeti & Audio Mixer Topics

  • 0:00​ – Introduction
  • 0:37​ – Pricing & Specs
  • 0:57​ – Blue Yeti Upgrades
  • 1:26​ – Power & Initial Setup
  • 1:49​ – Connect Blue Yeti To Audio Mixer
  • 1:59​ – Recommended Audio Mixers
  • 2:49​ – Headphone Output
  • 3:01​ – Connect Blue Yeti To Audio Mixer
  • 4:39​ – Audio Mixer Inputs
  • 5:25​ – Audio Mixer Settings
  • 7:32​ – Compression
  • 8:35​ – High Pass Filter & Low Cut
  • 9:08​ – Equalization/EQ
  • 10:07​ – Downside of Connecting Blue Yeti To Mixer
  • 11:50​ – Final Thoughts

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