Are you looking to connect your Blue Yeti USB Microphone to an audio interface? We put this guide together to help you connect your Blue Yeti to your audio interface.

Quick Answer: To Connect Your Blue Yeti to an audio interface, you need to connect the headphone output of the blue yeti into your audio interface.

Why Connect Blue Yeti To Audio Interface?

The only reason that we see people connecting their Blue Yeti to an Audio Interface is to acquire tone or color that is produced by the preamps on the audio interface. A classic example of this would be plugging into a Solid State Logic audio interface (SSL2+ Audio Interface: Some people like the sound of these interfaces and that makes the endeavor worth the effort.

Why Avoid Connecting Your Blue Yeti To Audio Interface

Whenever you connect additional audio equipment into your signal chain you introduce noise, latency, and additional points of failure. Generally speaking, there isn’t enough benefit of an external audio interface to overcome these hurdles.

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How To Connect Blue Yeti To Audio Interface

How To Connect Blue Yeti To Audio Mixer

Total Time: 10 minutes

Connect Blue Yeti To Computer

Connect Blue Yeti to Computer to power the microphones

Set Gain As Per Usual

Setup your gain as usual, with the lowest volume setting to get a clear signal

Set Cardioid Mode

Set cardioid mode on Blue Yeti for best results

Connect Audio Interface To Computer

Connect audio interface to your computer

Connect Audio Interface to Power & Turn On

Some audio interfaces don’t require additional power, but if yours does, connect it and power the device on.

Connect Blue Yeti To Audio Interface

Using a headphone jack to dual 1/4″ cable (

Set Gain/Level On Audio Interface

Set gain to make sure the mixer has the correct audio level

Set Audio Interface As Desired Recording Interface

Make sure your computer isn’t trying to record the Blue Yeti


Equipment For Connecting Blue Yeti To Audio Interface

Blue Yeti & Audio Interface Topics

  • 0:00​ – Introduction
  • 0:24​ – Pricing & Specs
  • 0:31​ – Improve Blue Yeti Quality
  • 0:53​ – Connect Blue Yeti To Audio Interface
  • 2:04​ – Volume & Gain Settings
  • 2:20​ – Audio Interface Recommendations
  • 3:11​ – Why I Don’t Recommend This
  • 3:35​ – The Signal Chain Explained
  • 4:30​ – Quality Difference
  • 5:20​ – Recommendation
  • 5:37​ – Upgrade Path
  • 5:56​ – Final Thoughts

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