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Vancouver Audio Visual & Event Production

At Kettner Creative, we specialize in providing A/V services for meetings, conferences, and weddings for groups with between one hundred and one thousand attendees.

We have found that we offer far more value than anyone else in Vancouver because we specialize in these types of events. We know what our clients need from an audio visual company in Vancouver and we exceed these expectations on a daily basis by delivering a product that is seamless, elegant, on-time, and on budget.

At Kettner Creative, we respect the fact that you need to deliver a high quality event within a reasonable budget. We pride ourselves making sure that every client is satisfied with the work that they receive. If you need proof, visit our audio visual testimonials page to see how we have turned our clients into raving fans.

Audio Visual News, Trends & Tips

Vancouver Audio Visual Careers

What Does an Audio Visual Technician Do?

The job title “Audio Visual Technician” a broad category that describes an entry level position into live event production. It’s often the starting point for specializing in Audio, Video, Lighting, or Event Management. There are a lot of ways to describe the Audio Visual Technician job, but they generally vary widely across the world. AV […]


How Many Speakers Do I Need?

Have you recently been put in charge of sound equipment for an upcoming event? We speak with event planners on a daily basis and one of the first questions is always “how many speakers do I need”. For the purposes of this article, we’re going to assume that this is for a meeting, presentation, wedding, […]


How Many Uplights Do I Need At My Event?

Renting uplights is one of the fastest and most cost effective way to transform your event space. It seems like every event has some type of uplighting, and our clients often ask “how many uplights do I need?”. What is uplighting? Uplighting is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a light (usually a LED Par […]

Vancouver Pipe & Drape

How To Setup Pipe & Drape

Pipe and drape is the most effective way to transform an event space, hide unsightly parts of your venue, or setup a temporary space (tradeshow booth, work station, temporary medical facility, etc.). It’s quite simple to setup pipe and drape, in the video below we walk through how to setup each component. Pipe & Drape […]

Sound System Setup Mixer

How To Setup A Sound System (PA System)

We often rent out sound systems to clients and events who don’t have any experience setting up sound systems. We put this article and video together as a beginner’s guide to setting up our sound equipment if they’re new to sound systems and renting PA systems. Even if you don’t rent from us, we hope […]